Delphi Corp. displayed four new products for commercial vehicles this week at the Technology and Maintenance Council's (TMC) 2006 Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition in Tampa, Fla. The new technologies include: --Delphi's new premium CD/MP3 radio, developed specifically for commercial vehicle customers. The radio, which includes an integrated satellite receiver, features digital-quality audio in a compact package at a very competitive price, Delphi says. --The Delphi diesel reformer, which will provide light-, medium- and heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers with an alternative to today's exhaust after-treatment options to meet future emission standards. --Delphi's on-board Diesel Fuel Reformer uses air to convert diesel fuel into a hydrogen-rich stream of gas called "Reformate" through a catalytic partial-oxidation process. With this advanced design, Delphi says its reformer will help reduce cost and performance trade-offs while being robust enough to meet future emissions standards. --The Halogen-Free Thin-Wall and Ultra Thin-Wall Cable, which will help truckmakers improve space utilization without sacrificing other vehicle features or encroaching on in-cabin flexibility allowing for greater design and packaging creativity. --The Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) auxiliary power unit is a high- efficiency, environmentally friendly device that will convert the chemical energy in conventional vehicle fuels -- such as diesel fuel and gasoline -- directly into useful electrical power. The technology will be implemented as an auxiliary power unit (APU) to help reduce the need for engine idling. --Delphi diesel engine oil condition sensors, which can help maximize useful oil and filter life, which can help minimize oil maintenance costs and vehicle downtime. The sensor can help protect the engine by alerting the operator when oil quality falls outside specified parameters, either due to the oil exceeding its useful life or a symptom of an engine problem. The resulting longer oil change intervals will enable reducing the environmental effects of used oil and oil filter disposal. Delphi also demonstrated several of its current and future safety products, including Forewarn(R) Pre-crash Sensing, Forewarn Forward Collision Warning, Forewarn Smart Cruise Control with Headway Alert, Forewarn Lane Departure Warning, Forewarn Active Night Vision, Forewarn Radar Side Alert, Forewarn Turn Assist, Forewarn Back-up Aid, Forewarn Drowsy Driver Alert and Driver Distraction Alert and Resettable Seat Belt Retractor.