Nationwide clinics conducted by AAA and its affiliated repair facilities during AAA’s Car Care Month found that tire pressure was the number one most common vehicle challenge. Results are based on inspections conducted on nearly 6,500 vehicles by 20 different AAA clubs. According to NAPA’s 2006 Technician of the Year, drivers should check tire pressure at least once a month to assure that tires are neither under nor over inflated. Low pressure in the tires can increase wear and fuel consumption, while over-inflation may reduce traction. Engine oil that was low or needed changing was the second most common situation, followed by clogged air filters, low windshield washer fluid and insufficient or dirty engine coolant. Other areas cited as needing attention during the inspections, include battery cables/clamps/terminals, antifreeze protection, wiper blades, tire tread and transmission fluid. NAPA partnered with AAA on the project to offer helpful tips for the most common vehicle challenges.