New York small business owners, who specialize in delivery, are urging the city to stop issuing them costly parking tickets, according to a New York 1 News report. Despite the fact that most tickets are thrown out by the city’s Department of Finance when they are contested, small business owners are complaining that they do not have the time necessary to take off of work in order to fight a “senseless ticket.” Last year alone New York City issued two million parking tickets to commercial vehicles that totaled more than half a billion dollars. The tickets, which are mostly for double parking, are costing some companies between $2,000-$3,000 a month. The city does have a program where companies that make deliveries can choose to waive their rights to contest tickets and instead enroll in a program that reduces the number of tickets they are forced to pay and sets a discounted price for the ones they do pay. However, critics of the plan say that it caters to large companies that have the time to do the required paper work and provide the necessary documentation.