As gas prices threaten the $3.00 a gallon mark again, we thought it would be a good time to present again a few resources to help manage your fuel. consists of a network of more than 173 gas price information Web sites that post the lowest gas prices in more than 170 metropolitan areas. Members gather pump prices and post them to their affiliated city site, where data is organized in charts that show prices from lowest-to-highest and vice-versa. Prices remain on the site for only 60 hours. Users can search for specific gas brands in different regions of the city. A recent check of gas prices in the Los Angeles area underscores how gas prices can vary dramatically within a city. A member posted a low of $2.69 for unleaded regular at an Arco station in Whittier, and another posted a high of $3.19 in Los Angeles—a $.50 difference per gallon within 20 miles. Other checks revealed $.20 price differentials within five miles between stations. Members of the Automobile Club can access localized, up-to-date fuel information through links on The AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report posts updated prices daily at the national, state and local levels.