Drug dealers in southern Ontario, Canada use tow trucks to traffic drugs, according to a report in the Toronto Star. Dealers—often members of biker gangs—hook up a car filled with cocaine or marijuana and transport the drugs free from police intervention. The problem was underscored by the mass murder last week of eight members of the Bandidos motorcycle gang in Ontario. Three of the eight victims were tow-truck drivers. The motive was allegedly a drug-related reprisal. A tow truck, with a car attached, was found at the murder scene, the report stated. Last November, an Ontario-based tow truck operator was beaten to death in a parking lot over an alleged unpaid drug debt. Police and industry sources say the chances are slim that a tow truck will be pulled over with a car on the hook. Operators could claim they had no knowledge of the drugs in the disabled vehicle. The Provincial Towing Association told the Star that rogue drivers and accident chasers are to blame. Drivers often change companies when the owners catch them with drugs.