Scientists at the University of Bath unveiled a prototype vehicle this week that may represent a greener future for transport, the Associated Press reports. The vehicle, also known as CLEVER (Compact Low Emission Vehicle for Urban Transport), combines the safety of a micro-car and the maneuverability of a motorbike, while being more fuel-efficient and less polluting than other vehicles. The CLEVER vehicle is a £1.5 million ($2.67 million) collaborative project involving nine European partners from industry and research. Part of the project is under development at the University of Bath’s Centre for Power Transmission and Motion Control, a University press release states. Researchers say the vehicle can handle both city streets and highway driving and is capable of 80 mph speeds. Running on compressed natural gas, its fuel consumption is equivalent to 108 miles per gallon. A commercial version could be 10 years away, assuming a manufacturer is interested, Geraint Owen, a team project leader, told the AP. He said it would be priced in the micro-car bracket of around $8,500-$17,000.