New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine announced that he plans to auction off 614 vehicles from the state’s Treasury Department Central Motor Pool, according to a Gloucester County Times report. Corzine said that his plan to sell 614 of the 6,145 vehicles in the fleet is part of his $2.5 billion cost-cutting measures. The vehicles chosen for the cuts will represent those that are being used for commuting ("perks at taxpayer expense," Corzine said) instead of helping employees do their jobs. State Police trooper cars and those used by the Division of Youth and Family Services will be exempt from the proposed auction plan. If the state were to sell newer cars they could recoup more in the first year but in the long term would face higher maintenance fees to maintain the older vehicles that were kept, according to the report. Corzine has placed the initiative on a list of "management efficiencies" he said will save taxpayers $50 million in the coming year.