Forbes has published its roster of “Best Cars For The Bucks 2006,” with vehicles that “give you a lot of car considering their sticker prices” coming out on top. Cars were evaluated for safety, reliability, luxury, and performance. The vehicle nominated for “Best Car For The Bucks” Overall is the Honda Civic. Forbes gave it high ratings for safety, efficiency and affordability. Other winners include: · Best Pickup: Ford F-150. Went through a major overhaul in 2004. Interior rivals some luxury cars.
· Best SUV: Toyota RAV4. Offers more passenger and horsepower than competitors, and highest-possible reliability rating from Consumer Reports.
· Best Convertible: Mazda MX-5 Miata. “Performs like a more expensive sports car.”
· Best Luxury Car for a Non-Luxury Price (three share): Hyundai Azera, Toyota Avalon, and Buick Lucerne CXL V-8. All three offer more horsepower and nicer interiors for a lower price than competitors.
· Best Best Deal On a Luxury Car: BMW 3 Series. Great base price of $30,900 for BMW. Luxurious interior.
· Best Premium Vehicle For The Bucks: Acura RL. “Handsome, sporty.” Notably lower price than comparable vehicles such as Mercedes’ S-Class and Maserati’s Quattroporte.
· Best Bargain Supercar: Chevrolet Corvette Z06. Significantly more power-per-dollar than other cars at its level usually costing up to twice or three times as much.