Federal auditors have found that several Department of Energy operations have more vehicles than they use, the Associated Press reports. Six DOE installations around the country were analyzed, with a total of 481 of 1,717 vehicles (or 28 percent) found underused. Auditors say as many as two out of three vehicles are underutilized at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, while one in three are underutilized at a DOE facility in Oak Ridge, Calif. Managers at the Oak Ridge facility say that their underused vehicles were over-counted by the auditors, Auditors say that the DOE could save $2.9 million annually at the six facilities if vehicles used less than half the time were eliminated. The savings could reach $9.1 million a year if that standard was applied to DOE's entire 14,000-vehicle fleet. DOE installations are completing internal reviews and beginning to turn in vehicles in order to comply with the audit’s recommendation, according to the AP report.