Within the next three years, Honda Motor Co. plans to develop a four-cylinder diesel engine that will run as clean as a gasoline engine, reports Automotive News and Dow Jones. Diesel engines produce about 30 percent better fuel economy than a gasoline engine and are much less complex than hybrids. According to the report, Honda will offer two diesel engines in North America, a four-cylinder and a V-6. Both will meet U.S. emissions standard Tier 2 Bin 5. Honda didn’t reveal how the new diesels would meet the standards, but they did say that they would not inject urea — an organic compound similar to ammonia — into the exhaust as DaimlerChrysler and other European automakers have done. Diesel versions of the Odyssey minivan and Acura MDX SUV are planned for U.S. markets, according to Honda President Takeo Fukui, as reported by Automotive News.