New legislation in Georgia requires that anyone applying for or renewing a CDL after July 1 go through one hour of free safety and security training through the Highway Watch program, according to Land Line Magazine. After the training, truckers receive a Highway Watch identification card that must be presented to the Department of Driver Services when they apply for or renew their CDL. The law also requires the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to verify that CDL applicants with hazardous materials endorsements do not pose a security risk. Drivers operating without this security review face CDL disqualification or suspension. Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association executive vice president Todd Spencer opposes the legislation, saying that forcing truck drivers into the Highway Watch program is inappropriate. “If lawmakers in Georgia were going to address the issue of licensing, we certainly would have preferred to see them do something to improve highway safety, which is the principle reason for the licensing program to being with,” he said.