Chrysler Financial recently launched a Customer Loyalty Advantage program for vehicles coming off-lease, resulting in a 20 percent increase in customer loyalty six months into the pilot, according to According to Eckart Klumpp, vice president of remarketing for Chrysler Financial, the company introduced new brochures for dealers and customers to create a customer-focused process and increase brand loyalty. "[Customers] receive a communication (brochure) from us a few months before the end of the lease (reminding them of damage and mileage charges) and reminding them they need to call us up and schedule an inspection,” says Klumpp. “We want to take the uncertainty out of the turn-in process." Meanwhile, the dealers are also receiving new materials from Chrysler Financial called "Keep Your Customers Coming Back. Loyalty." The brochures describe tools dealers can use to increase customer loyalty, sell more vehicles, strengthen residuals and enhance future profits, according to The program also gives grounding dealers exclusive options to purchase high quality off-lease units for pre-owned and certified inventory through online tracking tool E.L.V.I.S. (Electronic Lease Vehicle Inventory System). Additionally, in order to free up space on a dealer's lot once an off-lease unit has been grounded, Chrysler Financial said it has created marshalling yards to house the vehicles until they are sold to another dealer or sent to auction.