Fleet professionals from around the nation will converge on the Hilton Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, N.J. on October 18th and 19th, 2006 for the Dossier Fleet Maintenance Software Users Group meeting. Doug White, director of fleet maintenance, Dunbar Armored, Hunt Valley, Md., and the group's chairman, announced that the agenda for the two day event includes a panel discussion addressing current initiatives to high fuel cost along with an OEM presentation on hybrid vehicles. Other panel topics include how fleets are reducing parts inventory cost through better management procedures, better accident tracking and reporting, a review and critique of new and proposed Dossier program features and enhancements, and topic specific break-out sessions. Multi-level training sessions on the new Dossier fleet software version 4.3 will be performed by the program's developer, Arsenault Associates. "This independent, no-nonsense Group represents a broad range of large and small fleets from many diverse industries that operate and maintain tens of thousands of vehicles. These people know what they want and they're not afraid to speak their minds. The Dossier Users Group has been a driving force in the program's development since 1988. Their ideas, comments and no-holds- barred straight talk carry a lot of weight with us," says Charles Arsenault, president of Arsenault Associates, the developer of Dossier Fleet Maintenance Software. All users of Dossier Fleet Software, whether they are active user group members or not, are encouraged to attend this highly productive two day fleet technology meeting. Fleet professionals interested in attending can get a meeting agenda and attendance registration form, or just learn more about the group by pointing their web browser to www.truckfleet.com and going to the users group page, calling (800) 525-5256, or by e-mail to andrea.harper@arsenault.biz. About The Dossier Users Group: The common bond is this independent and diverse assembly of fleet people is use of the same fleet maintenance program and their desire to have direct influence over its future development. With hundreds of fleet members, the group is guided by an elected board of directors who conduct meetings and publish newsletters to provide channels for members to voice opinions and ideas, to interact and learn from other users and to provide constructive criticisms about the fleet technology they use to manage their fleets everyday.