GE Commercial Finance Fleet Services announced it has added daily fuel reporting to its integrated, Web-based reporting applications, my.Dashboard and my.Reports. Executives said the new tool was designed to give customers the ability to quickly analyze fuel usage by driver. "Dealing with and managing fuel prices that are fluctuating daily is a huge issue for our customers," explained Brian Wright, GE Commercial Finance Fleet Services' fuel general manager. "Waiting a month or more for fuel card bills and then spending days thereafter analyzing the data makes the fleet manager's job all the more challenging. We're delighted to have an easy-to-use solution for our customers so they can optimize their fleet's performance and grow their business." According to executives, daily fuel reporting with GE Fleet Services' Web-based applications consists of one consolidated exception report, which encompasses all available exceptions criteria. Through this offering, customers can see exception transactions that fall outside their policies. The report is organized by driver information to allow fleet managers the ability to identify drivers who can improve the most, executives said. Additionally, executives noted that my.Dashboard provides trend charts that display a customer's variance to the fuel market average for the last 15 and 30 days by state, fuel marketer, fuel type and the customer's organization structure. "Those (fuel) increases, which happen overnight, have a substantial impact on our customer's business," Wright said. "The sooner they have access to information they need, the better able they are to manage the assortment of issues involved."