Shell Lubricants has introduced a new oil into its portfolio specifically to meet the emerging needs of professional fleet and transport operators. Shell Rimula Super is a next generation heavy duty diesel engine oil designed to meet the demanding requirements of the next generation of low-emission trucks due out in the 2007 model year, as well as meeting or exceeding the requirements of today’s engines. Shell Rimula Super fully meets the requirements of the new API CJ-4 service category and the higher performance levels required by some original equipment manufacturer (OEM) approvals. It also provides improved viscosity control and offers extended drain capability to help fleet customers minimize their operation costs in current generation on-highway diesel engines. Shell Rimula Super is now available in bulk and drums and will be available in gallon and pail packages on October 15th. “We have conducted 2.5 million miles of tests in current generation engines, and Shell Rimula Super has demonstrated strong wear protection and improved heat resistance that will provide Shell’s fleet customers the performance they need,” says Dan Arcy, Technical Marketing Manager for Shell Lubricants. “Based on testing in 2007 prototype engines, we expect to meet or exceed drain intervals that will be set by engine manufacturers. We anticipate the intervals will be as long or longer than current generation engines.” Shell Rimula Super is the successor to Shell Rimula Premium API CI-4 PLUS quality oil and provides increased viscosity control for continuous protection throughout the drain interval and provides better protection against viscosity breakdown and shear than some leading API CI-4 PLUS diesel motor oils. The soot control capability of Shell Rimula Super is increased by 45 percent for enhanced protection against thickening over its predecessor. These two factors help Shell Rimula Super provide consistent lubrication throughout the drain interval as confirmed by 2.5 million miles of field trials across a range of engines from different manufacturers. In addition, Shell Rimula Super also showed the potential to offer extended drain capabilities for all tested manufacturers’ engines (when used in conjunction with an oil analysis monitoring program). “The ability to maintain or extend drain intervals can help minimize the cost of fleet operations and help increase operating time,” says Arcy. Shell Rimula Super maintains its excellent protection against iron wear and bearing lead corrosion and wear throughout the drain interval. Shell Rimula Super offers operators of late model and older vehicles the convenience of one oil for all trucks and helps minimize inventory and the possibility of misapplication. In addition, Shell Rimula Super is also suitable for off-highway engines that are the same as engines used in on-highway vehicles (Caterpillar or Cummins). For those that operate both on and off-highway vehicles, switching to Shell Rimula Super, along with using ultra low sulfur diesel fuel, will help minimize any risk of using API CI-4 Plus oils in new 2007 engines that could result in costly maintenance and void manufacturer warranties.