collectiveData Inc., a leading provider of fleet maintenance management software, announced that the City of Ames, Iowa and CyRide, the public transit authority of Ames Iowa, have each selected collectiveFleet Pro to serve as their perspective fleet information management systems (FIMS) provider. Compatibility issues that arose between the city's previous fleet management software and new technology implemented by the city spurred Ames' Fleet Services Division's search for a new FIMS provider. At CyRide, the need for a more robust fleet management system lead them to initiate their search. Both parties determined that their needs were similar enough to warrant a single request for proposal (RFP) which was issued in September of 2005. While the two organizations worked together on the RFP, the goal remained that each would implement their solutions independently. The City of Ames Fleet Services Division will implement collectiveFleet Pro as the city's sole fleet maintenance management solution. The program will be used to manage the city's 460-vehicle fleet, including public works, police and fire department vehicles. The programs logical design, flexibility and lower overall cost of ownership were cited by Paul Hinderaker, Director of Fleet Services Department for the City of Ames as factors in choosing collectiveData's program. The prospect of gaining more analytical capabilities from the new system also played a role in the decision according to Mr. Hinderaker. Rich Leners, Assistant Director for Fleet and Facilities at CyRide found collectiveData's ability to provide a system tailored to his organizations' unique needs one of the key factors in choosing collectiveFleet Pro to manage their 60 busses and various facility components. The ability to help provide timely reports required by the Federal Transportation Administration also played a role in the decision making process. Both the city and CyRide expect to commence full implementation of their respective systems in the fourth quarter of this year. "From receiving the original RFP to being awarded the contract, this process has demonstrated our singular ability to meet the needs of our clients in a cost effective manner. Not only can we provide a powerful solution today, we are able to provide systems that will meet the needs of our clients as their mission or fleet asset makeup evolves over time," said Kevin Roth, director of Application Development for collectiveData. "Along with our software, I believe our responsive support staff will also be factors in our long-term relationship with both CyRide and the Ames' Fleet Services Division." About collectiveData Inc.
collectiveData produces fleet, asset and equipment maintenance management software solutions for over 600 public, private and commercial organizations. collectiveData also provides additional services to its customers including custom application development and data conversion. collectiveData is a GSA Schedule 70 contract holder and is located in North Liberty, Iowa. More information about collectiveData is available at