In October, Toyota plans to start selling its new 2007 Lexus LS 460 and LS 460 L equipped with what the company calls an Advanced Parking Guidance System. This will allow drivers to pull up to a parking spot, push a button and let the car take it from there, The Wall Street Journal reports. To use the system, the driver pulls alongside the car ahead of the parking spot, and then goes to the touch-screen with the rear-view camera with graphics marking the proposed parking spot, NBC4 News (Los Angeles) reports. Relying on a backup camera, an electric power steering system and parking sonar sensors, the Lexus takes over the steering. But the driver is still responsible for controlling speed and for stopping once in the spot. A recorded voice announces when the guidance is finished, according to NBC4 News. editorial director Kevin Smith sees parking assist as part of the wave of electronic driving aids that include stability control and radar-enhanced cruise control. He remarks that drivers will have to pay premium prices to get these cutting-edge features, but notes that new automotive technology often trickles down quickly.