's just-released list of the most significant cars to watch for the 2007 model year pinpoints vehicles that will be vital to the success of manufacturers and highlights the wide selection of models available to consumers in the currently competitive market, according to publisher James Bell.'s top 10 picks for 2007 (with Bell’s comments) are: 1. Acura MDX -- "Too long in the shadow of Honda, Acura has pledged to challenge buyers with strong visual appeal and driving dynamics a la BMW." 2. Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra -- "A brand new big truck from GM is always big news, but given the [company’s] current circumstances, the news couldn't be bigger." 3. Ford Edge / Lincoln MKX -- "The company really needs another big win (after the success of the Fusion and Mustang) to support their rapid reorganization plans and cover some of their recent missteps (see Explorer and Five Hundred)." 4. Jeep Compass / Patriot -- "The Compass and Patriot are built off the same platform as the new and successful Dodge Caliber, but are there enough customers for two Jeeps that turn the term 'Trail Rated' into an optional feature?" 5. Nissan Sentra -- "New competition has made the current Sentra look and feel much older than its six years on the market, so the expectations are huge for this all-new model. And the market is prime as small cars have been making a big comeback since fuel prices began their ascent." Rounding out the Top 10 selections are: 6. Nissan Altima
7. Mitsubishi Outlander
8. Saturn Aura
9. Toyota Tundra
10. Volkswagen Eos