PHH Arval, a subsidiary of PHH Corporation, has announced PHH Collision Prevention, a new fleet safety program that has the potential to reduce major collision costs by up to 40 percent*. Developed in partnership with Interactive Driving Systems (IDS), a leading provider of global risk management solutions, PHH Collision Prevention is a comprehensive program designed to create a crash-free culture in fleet organizations. Through an integrated, holistic approach, PHH Collision Prevention applies technology, consultation, measurement, and a unique patented methodology to:
  • Predict at-risk drivers: A recent study* indicates that 5 percent of at-risk drivers account for 45 percent of major collisions.
  • Target training to the drivers most likely to have collisions
  • Prevent accidents from occurring and reduce risk exposure. Vehicle-related collisions are the leading case of work-related fatalities in North America, according to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. When employees get behind the wheel of a car or truck, they risk getting into an accident, for which their employers may be liable. The costs can be staggering: the National Highway Traffic Administration reports that employers pay nearly $60 billion each year for vehicle crash injuries. "Most organizations are concerned about employee safety, accident costs, and negligent entrustment exposure in at-fault collisions," said Paige O’Neill, senior vice president of marketing and product development at PHH Arval. "Many have a safety or accident management program in place, but the programs aren’t targeted, have too many ad hoc components, and their main focus is managing accidents after they’ve happened. PHH Collision Prevention takes a holistic approach to the problem by predicting at-risk drivers and targeting customized types of training where needed. The result is measurable reductions in accident rates." PHH Collision Prevention combines the following:
  • Integrated, holistic approach to developing a crash-free safety culture
  • Research-based programs and independently verified risk assessment tools
  • Reporting and documented audit trail
  • Training targeted to most at-risk drivers
  • Concise tools to minimize impact on driver productivity
  • Measurement of results and progress
  • Country and language versions available worldwide. PHH Collision Prevention has the potential to save organizations 10-40 percent in major collision costs. For a 500-vehicle fleet, reducing the accident rate by 10 percent has a potential impact of $174,000 in hard dollars savings to the organization. *Source: Napier University study 2003 About PHH Arval
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