Nissan Motor Co. already has pushed into the full-sized pickup market and now wants to sell light-commercial trucks, such as those used for ambulances, according to Automotive News. The North American study team is focusing on "extreme customer usage, such as ambulances and SWAT team vehicles," according to the company’s annual report. Nissan’s goal, Automotive News reports, is to develop vehicles with features "like super-efficient storage" or designs that allow "getting in and out of the vehicle quickly and smoothly with lots of equipment." The push into North America is part of increase in Nissan’s global light-commercial truck business during the company’s current three-year business plan. During the Nissan Value-Up plan, which ends March 31, 2008, Nissan targets a 40 percent sales increase for commercial trucks, to 434,000. Nissan said last month that it expects to reach that goal this fiscal year, a year ahead of schedule.