GE Commercial Finance Fleet Services recently enhanced the preventive maintenance reporting feature of its integrated, web-based reporting application my.Dashboard. New preventive maintenance reporting delivers information based on the completion status of preventive maintenance transactions such as oil changes. As a result, customers can analyze and track preventive maintenance over time, identifying late preventive maintenance transactions that may result in compliance and warranty issues. They can also track early preventative maintenance transactions where expenses are incurred before there is a need. Preventive maintenance reporting within my.Dashboard consists of a key performance indicator that trends a fleet’s preventive maintenance compliance, including tracking transactions by preventive maintenance type (e.g. oil changes, DOT inspections), asset type, distance and time parameters as well as individual customer organizational structure. With one click, customers can see their preventive maintenance transactions that were completed outside of their specified parameters. This actionable data provides visibility to drivers who may require a better understanding on the importance of adhering to their fleet’s specified preventive maintenance parameters. “This metric will help customers reduce the possibility of an expensive repair, such as engine failure which could cost $4,000 or more, by enabling customers to monitor preventive maintenance transactions and ensure the repairs are being done on time,” said Eric Strom, manager of program services for GE Commercial Finance Fleet Services. Not only does this compliance data provide insight into preventive maintenance that occurs while a vehicle is on road, it also positively impacts other areas of the vehicle life cycle. "Monitoring preventive maintenance transactions to ensure the vehicle is properly maintained will also strengthen the resale value,” adds Strom. For more information, visit About my.Dashboard
my.Dashboard is GE’s integrated online application suite of more than 80 metrics spanning the vehicle lifecycle from ordering and inventory to analyzing real depreciation and resale performance giving customers instant visibility to actionable information and enables best-in-class fleet management. About GE Commercial Finance Fleet Services
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