SmartDrive Systems announces the rollout of SmartDrive 2.0, the latest version of its industry-leading fleet vehicle safety improvement device. SmartDrive 2.0 combines all the features of SmartDrive 1.0, including video event recording and wireless download, with several key, new functions. SmartDrive 2.0 adds increased memory, over-the-air firmware updates and fully outsourced incident review by trained professionals to the already long list of features. SmartDrive guarantees safer driving through “behavioral shaping”; SmartDrive also guarantees a minimum of 30% fewer crashes for fleets of vehicles using this device. SmartDrive 2.0 unveils for the first time the fully embedded vehicle maintenance module including universal OBDII/J-Bus connectivity. SmartDrive enables erratic driving and excessive speed detection, driver training and behavioral modification including a feedback loop, preventative maintenance and engine diagnostics, and video crash re-construction -- all delivered over one seamless, web-based service. All the video data and diagnostics data can be viewed by fleet/risk/safety managers by simply logging on to the SmartDrive secure website. SmartDrive 2.0 features a larger memory chip. More video events can now be stored in the SmartDrive unit for wireless download. SmartDrive 2.0 also unveils a new-look for the secure, client website with faster video event (active X) download speed. The SmartDrive in-vehicle unit is mounted behind the rearview mirror and consists of two, tiny cameras: one camera pointing forward, one pointing at the driver. SmartDrive is continuously recording, so “events”---such as a tailgating, swerving, speeding, or a collision---are recorded and saved 15 seconds before the event and 15 seconds after it. The video “event” is then wirelessly downloaded to the secure website where it is reviewed, the driver is counseled and is retrained. This SmartDrive “behavior shaping” is based on the Hawthorne Effect where workers perform better when they are being observed, which is exactly what SmartDrive affords its clients. For more information, please visit the SmartDrive website: or call toll-free (866) 933-9930.