’s ( Online Fleet Safety Course is used for preventative employee training as well as post-accident employee re-training, and has been updated with interactive flash lessons, and up-to-date statistics and safety information specifically targeted towards businesses, all reducing the risk of driving while at work and after business hours. has been working with various segments of the transportation industry, but the automotive dealers and home healthcare services companies that take their Online Fleet Safety Course have notified them of some added benefits besides the standard convenience and cost savings features. Automotive dealers are benefiting from the Online Fleet Safety Course because unlike other companies, the vehicles in their fleet are also their revenue generating product. A vehicle accident affects an automotive dealer not only by incurring accident related costs, but also by damaging their products. Home health care services companies are finding great benefit from the Online Fleet Safety Course because just like automotive dealers, they’re also able to ensure the safety of their biggest investments – their clients. By utilizing the Fleet Safety course, these automotive dealers and health care providers can protect their employees and vehicles, while safeguarding their most important assets that propel their business. has also been creating a new and improved fleet portal on their website, which will contain updated driver safety news, useful fleet safety tips, and examples of how can customize and improve your organization’s driver safety program. This updated fleet path stands to be a great informational resource for fleet and safety managers. By knowing their drivers are safe and by favorably impacting their bottom line through the reduction of accident related costs, all companies can truly benefit from’s Online Fleet Safety Course.