StarTrak Systems, a leading provider of advanced wireless asset management systems for monitoring and control of cold chain assets for the freight transportation industries, announced today the launch of its ReeferTrak Sentry product line with production deliveries beginning this month. ReeferTrak Sentry offers users two-way monitoring and control communications at a substantial cost savings. Sentry utilizes a much lower cost cellular-based wireless communications platform that gives users two-way communications with their refrigerated truck and trailer fleets through a direct interface with the refrigeration unit (“reefer”) manufacturers’ microprocessors. The lower cost of both the communicator hardware and the subscription data service makes ReeferTrak functionality available to a much larger market segment than the company’s flagship “Commander” satellitebased solution. Combined with the availability of ReeferTrak Commander and Scout (radio-frequency) solutions, Sentry allows StarTrak to provide monitoring and control services for virtually every reefer operator in the North American market. StarTrak now has a complete product offering for the refrigerated over-the-road trailer, food distribution, grocery/dairy, life sciences, intermodal and rail markets by interfacing to more than a dozen types of single and multi-temp reefer configurations from both original equipment manufacturers. Jerry Neuner, StarTrak’s Director of Sales & Marketing, said, “ReeferTrak Sentry provides broad coverage for long haul and regional refrigerated carriers that desire reefer set point temperature alarm notifications, reefer operating conditions, fuel levels, logistics and remote control of temperature and operating conditions through a wireless system fully integrated with the refrigeration unit’s microprocessor. Sentry will address critical needs in the largest segments of the refrigerated transport industry including the over-the-road for-hire and private fleets. It provides and enhances similar capabilities contained in StarTrak’s satellite solution but at 60% of the system cost.” Sentry provides users critical trailer and reefer information throughout the shipment lifecycle. Like all ReeferTrak products, Sentry allows for data integration with freight dispatch systems giving customers the ability to remotely monitor and control shipments from their central operations facility. With Sentry, customers can assure themselves that temperatures are set properly at the beginning of the shipment cycle and properly maintained while en-route and accurately measure dwell time and fuel usage once trailers arrive at their customers’ destinations. The resulting savings in logistics operations, quality of shipment, fuel and maintenance are substantial for reefer operators. According to Tim Slifkin, StarTrak’s CEO, “StarTrak is in an exciting position because the largest part of the cold-chain market has been waiting for a cellular solution with command capability with the right functionality, and the right price point. With ReeferTrak Sentry, StarTrak has enhanced its advanced reefer monitoring control application with newly available equipment technology that exceeds market expectations. A version of ReeferTrak is now available to satisfy every reefer operator in North America, a market comprising approximately 450,000 refrigerated trailers, trucks, and railcars.” About StarTrak Systems
StarTrak Systems, a subsidiary of Alanco Technologies, is a leading provider of GPS tracking and wireless asset management services to the transportation industry and the dominant provider of tracking, monitoring and control services to the refrigerated or “Reefer” segment of the transportation marketplace. StarTrak products increase efficiency and reduce costs of the refrigerated supply chain through the wireless monitoring and control of critical Reefer data, including GPS location, cargo temperatures and Reefer fuel levels. StarTrak offers complete integrated solutions for tracking, monitoring and controlling refrigerated trailers, trucks, railcars, and containers. Additional information is available at About Alanco Technologies
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