Arsenault Associates announced that ProPetro Services Inc. has implemented Dossier Fleet Maintenance Management software for its fleet of approximately 70 heavy duty vehicles serving the oilfields of Texas and Oklahoma. ProPetro,based in Midland, Texas, provides specialized oil well services using heavy equipment it moves by truck. Arsenault Associates is the leading provider of intuitive maintenance management solutions. ProPetro uses various types of equipment, including what are called “pulling units” -- self-powered vehicles that resemble construction cranes -- as well as pumps and other heavy gear which moves from site to site by truck. The company runs some 60 tractors that pull transport trailers, nitrogen trailers, acid tankers and hoppers, among other rolling stock. ProPetro is a relatively new enterprise formed with the merger of three acquired companies. “Part of the due diligence was to learn what equipment we were acquiring. I started to input equipment data into Dossier. As soon as the purchase was complete, we had our fleet already in Dossier,” said Hayes Penland, fixed asset manager for ProPetro. “It helps me stay aware of what we have -- and it’s a lot. It has been extremely helpful in that regard.” Penland also noted that Dossier has been a major help in keeping track of the various licenses needed to operate oil service equipment in two states. Arsenault’s Dossier software is intuitive and rich in features a manager might not even know he or she needs until they actually use them. Dossier is a flexible, scaleable set of solutions available in a number of versions to suit a customer’s requirements. Even with its short learning curve, Dossier is backed with the hands-down best, most responsive, after-sale customer support staff in the industry. ProPetro chose 24/7 Fleet Online, the hosted or ASP (Application Service Provider) version of Dossier software, rather than run the application on their own computers. With 24/7 Fleet Online running on an Arsenault Server, ProPetro people can access Dossier and their company data from virtually any Internet-connected computer. “We needed something we could run online, something that wasn’t going to cost us a ton of money up front,” Hayes explained. “Arsenault was the only provider that had the quality we needed. Others would offer an online version but it would be totally different from their main software product.” Quality was critical in ProPetro’s choice of Dossier. “In our business, we need top-rate fleet management software so we can manage our locations, know what we have in fleet inventory and maintain our equipment for top performance,” Hayes said. About Arsenault Associates
Arsenault has provided maintenance management expertise since 1979. Its Dossier software serves a growing customer base of over 3,000 commercial fleets including small companies, Fortune 100 corporations, schools and government agencies that operate over 400,000 pieces of equipment. Dossier manages a variety of vehicles including tractors, trailers, trucks, buses and autos, plus construction and material handling equipment. For more information, visit or call (609) 747-8800.