Automobile Consumer Services, Inc. (ACS), specializing in online auto leasing, announced it has added an online commercial leasing service to its popular website. Small businesses now have access to competitive lease programs for their new and used commercial cars and trucks. Businesses visit and select the “Commercial and Business Leasing” option. By selecting a vehicle model year and vehicle class, entering any added custom equipment and the purchase price, a variety of lease programs are instantly displayed for comparison. Commercial lease programs are available for lease terms ranging from 24 to 60 months. To execute a particular lease program, a business owner begins by completing a brief online credit application for fast approval. “Up until now, small businesses have had limited access to a commercial leasing service,” says Tarry Shebesta, President of ACS. “They have tended to fall under the radar of large fleet management companies. And, local dealers do not usually offer a commercial leasing product. This service fills the void by offering competitive lease payments with many extras.” commercial leasing program benefits include: --100% financing on vehicles for commercial use, including up-fitted and custom equipment. --Flexible lease terms for both new and used vehicles. --No mileage or wear-and-tear restrictions. --Same-day credit decisions. Commercial leasing provides many financial, accounting and productivity benefits, including the following: --Preservation of working capital and increased liquidity for other corporate capital expenditures.
--Off-balance sheet accounting.
--No down payment.
--Lower payment than conventional financing.
--Potential tax savings. In most cases, lease payments are recognized as a tax-deductible expense by state and federal agencies. In many states, sales tax is based on the monthly lease payment and not on the full vehicle’s purchase price. Shorter lease terms mean you can replace vehicles more often and avoid maintenance costs. The vehicles that qualify for this service are those typically used by electricians, construction companies, plumbers and landscapers. These vehicles include delivery vans, trucks, buses, dump trucks, concrete pumps, box trucks, flat beds, water trucks and other medium and large duty trucks., as the name suggests, provides an interactive tool to instantly evaluate leasing options from a number of finance sources. Customers can lock in the lease quote they like and apply for credit online. ACS facilitates leases that customers choose from About Automobile Consumer Services, Inc. ( Based in Cincinnati, Automobile Consumer Services, Inc. (ACS) is a leading provider of direct-to-consumer auto leasing through its popular website Founded in 1989, ACS’s mission is to provide services that enhance the experience of buying or leasing a car. ACS achieves this by leading the industry with innovative proprietary technology, superior customer service, and years of industry experience. Tax information is based on accepted accounting principles and interpretations. It is intended to help understand Commercial Leases. This is not to be considered tax or legal advice. Always consult with a qualified tax or legal advisor regarding any aspect of the federal tax code.