Your filter is doing exactly what it's designed to do: to reach a "satisfactory" level of cleanliness without restricting flow rates. The Halex Coil is a device that enhances the performance of your existing oil filter. The key to its effectiveness is the powerful rare-earth neodymium magnet of which it is constructed. The coil's magnetic field draws particles that are too small for the filter to catch resulting in cleaner oil, which will reduce wear and extend equipment life. The Halex Coil easily attaches to the outside of an existing oil filter. With rising energy costs, the Halex Coil is becoming a preferred alternative for manufacturers looking to extend service life. Filters are engineered to maintain flow while lubrication is passed through small holes. Smaller holes mean finer contaminates are trapped. The coil is a filter that performs better than its micron rating without changing flow-rate and without intruding on internal systems. It's simply a different way to trap more, as it traps 40-90 percent of iron that would otherwise pass through the existing filter medium. And by bonding and "piggybacking," it traps 20-60 percent of nonferrous contaminates. This will extend equipment life and service intervals, improve element efficiency and fuel economy, and reduce downtime, emissions, soot, and wear. For more information please contact: Brad Laubach Halex Development Corp. Director of Sales & Marketing Ph/Fax: 610.865.3351