Volvo Car Corporation has released the first official images of the XC60 Concept that will be unveiled at the upcoming North American International Auto Show on January 7, 2006. Volvo Cars Design Director Steve Mattin and his team designed the XC60 Concept, focusing on innovative interior and exterior design features. For example, the lower portion of the tailgate moves out and up over the upper section. This creates a sufficient opening for small items without requiring the entire tailgate to be opened. In addition, the ergonomically designed seats have fully integrated seat belts, and the front and rear head restraints and backrests feature a ponytail slot to provide enhanced ventilation and improved rearward vision. The ponytail slots in the rear backrests feature the same type of attachment points as in the luggage compartment floor, allowing for use of accessories or securing different types of loads. In addition, there is storage space for a specially designed XC60 Concept luggage set under the rear seats, accessible via the rear doors "The XC60 features a number of innovations that indicate how our cars will look in a few years' time," noted Mattin.