Wheels, Inc., a leader in the multi-billion-dollar fleet-leasing industry, presented a web seminar to executives across Canada and the United States on key topics to address for the upcoming winter in building a successful fleet program. The web seminar, which took place on Wednesday, December 13, is part of a seminar series that Wheels offers to customers and prospects on an ongoing basis. Key topics examined in the web seminar included:
  • Evaluating Fleet Management Objectives for the Winter Quarter;
  • Ensuring a Successful Collision Management Program;
  • Spring Vehicle Order Preparation Checklist; and
  • Best Practices in the Current Environment for Vehicle Remarketing. Based on audience response during the interactive web seminar, participants rated the seminar as providing valuable and useful information for improving fleet management practices. "Wheels understands that every fleet in North America has goals unique to its business and that you can't approach effective fleet management with a one size fits all view," said Joe McDonald, Wheels Director of Account Management. "We provide customers with innovative ideas and tools like the winter key objectives list, which the Wheels account teams then build on to meet each customer's needs," he continued. "Programs like our web seminars have proven to be great thought-starters as we partner with clients to work through challenges such as remarketing in today's challenging environment. Ultimately, these programs are about helping clients to be successful in achieving their business objectives," McDonald concluded. About Wheels, Inc.
    Wheels, Inc. (www.wheels.com), which pioneered the concept of auto leasing in 1939, provides a full range of specialized services to help corporations manage their vehicle fleets. Wheels has 550 employees and manages more than 250,000 vehicles. Its holding company, Frank Consolidated Enterprises, at $2 billion currently ranks as one of the largest private companies in the United States. For additional information, please contact info@wheels.com.