Peapod, the nation's largest Internet grocer goes on-line to gain control of rising fleet running costs with Chevin Fleet Solutions' FleetWave. Peapod is the nation's largest and most successful online grocery and delivery service provider that serves more than 270,000 customers throughout 18 markets and metro areas across the country. As Peapod's business and customer base continues to expand into more markets, so too does the size of their fleet and their need to have real-time visibility over a myriad of fleet operating details. Using FleetWave, Peapod is now reaping the benefits of the most sophisticated and flexible web-based fleet management information system available. With the ability to track and centrally manage vehicle utilization, driver and personnel details, accident and incident management even moving violations and parking tickets, Peapod has realized significant improvements in fleet as well as personnel utilization across their growing enterprise. With the ability to consolidate all of these disparate fleet operating details with maintenance and complete fuel transaction details, Peapod now has the ability to manage their fleet through information rather than instinct. Accessed over the Internet, FleetWave's powerful capabilities enable each Distribution Center to control and manage their vehicle maintenance using local vendors while giving Peapod management global oversight over maintenance policy and compliance. With direct integration to Peapod's electronic fuel management system as well as their commercial fuel card provider, all fuel transaction details are seamlessly consolidated with maintenance and fleet finance details allowing FleetWave to deliver complete spend management as well as operational oversight. With the ability to capture and manage complete driver and accident details within FleetWave, Peapod now manages risk and incidents in an integrated fashion, insuring that safety remains the number one priority in an organization travelling more than 10,000,000 miles each year. With FleetWave's flexible Home Page metrics, key performance indicators and fleet status tools, Peapod's Distribution Center managers get real-time presentation of business critical benchmarks that automatically sort by each location or area of direct responsibility. Founded in 1989 as a smart shopping option for busy people, Peapod today stands as the country's leading Internet grocer, serving 18 U.S. markets including the metro areas of Chicago, Boston, Suburban N.Y. and Washington, D.C., and communities in the states of Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Virginia and Rhode Island. The Skokie, Illinois-based Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Royal Ahold in The Netherlands, has achieved over 8 million deliveries since its late 1980s inception. Chevin Fleet Solutions is a global provider of dedicated fleet management solutions. Chevin developed the world's first true web-based fleet management system, FleetWave in 2000, as well as pioneering revolutionary touch screen and bar-coding systems to make fleet and workshop operations simpler and more controllable. Meanwhile the Chevin continues to market its class-leading 'desk-top' RoadBASE package, aimed at small to mid-sized fleets. Further information about Chevin Fleet Solutions uniquely flexible solutions can be found at