The Tire Retread Information Bureau (TRIB) has responded to a bill introduced by Florida State Senator Victor D. Crist that would prohibit the use of retreaded tires on most commercial vehicles on Florida highways, according to Today's Trucking. The state bill, S912, "prohibits the use of recapped or retreaded tires on truck tractors, pole trailers or semi-trailers operated on public roads, streets, or highways of this state." If approved, the ban would take effect July 1, 2007, according to Harvey Brodsky, managing director of TRIB. Brodsky acknowledged some concerns legislators and citizens may have over the large amount of tire debris found on Florida highways, but stressed much of the industry shares those concerns and spends an enormous amount of time and resources to educate truckers and other motorists on the importance of properly maintaining their tires, Today's Trucking reports. Much of the tire debris on highways comes from tires that have never been retreaded, but rather that are underinflated, overloaded, mismatched on dual wheel positions or misaligned, Brodsky explained. Brodsky also pointed out that many other states are moving in the opposite direction by encouraging retreads. A federal executive order (13149) mandates the use of retread tires on most federal fleet vehicles and, he added, California just awarded a $75,000 grant to TRIB to promote the use of retreaded tires on public sector vehicles throughout that state.