Delta Meridian Inc announced today it is now beta testing its new network called SameLane. The service enables riders in vehicles on any roadway to make social cell phone calls to riders in other vehicles by simply calling a premium charge phone line and entering the license plate of the vehicle in view they wish to contact. The SameLane network consists of a Web site,, where anyone in the US or Canada can register at no charge their vehicle license plate and cell phone number. Once they register they can purchase for a nominal fee at a nationwide distribution outlet a bumper sticker or rear window transparent decal which will let other road users know they can make calls to the rider in the vehicle by calling a premium charge phone number. The second component is the premium charge phone (900) system linked to the service web site. Callers are prompted to enter the license plate number of the vehicle they wish to contact. The SameLane system employs patent pending technology which enables callers to use one keystroke for any character or number. A unique feature of the SameLane system is its ability to connect cell phone calls between vehicle riders without either party knowing the other’s cell phone number. In a social call environment on any roadway vehicle riders will now be able to chat to each other, much the same way they might do while sitting on a plane to pass the time of day, without having to reveal each other’s identity unless they choose to do so in conversation. Beta Testing of the network is scheduled to be completed by the end of April when the service will be launched and made available to the public.