LEER, a member of the Truck Accessories Group, (TAG), LLC, is pleased to announce the release of the new Model 100RCC fiberglass commercial cap. The 100RCC is a sleek and elegant solution for mobile jobsite pros that know presenting a professional appearance can mean a lot in today’s competitive services market. The new Model 100RCC uses a tough, resilient aerodynamic cab-high fiberglass shell that can be outfitted with a wide range of features and accessories. Based on the LEER Model 100R, what many consider the most successful fiberglass cap of all time, the 100RCC adds extra structure to the lamination and offers solid fiberglass side doors, provides a wide selection of side-access galvanized toolbox and shelving options, uses three-point commercial locks and reliable drop-T-handles, and supports a remarkable range of true commercial roof racks, including the LEER-exclusive new Thule Professional Rack System. The stylish good looks of the fiberglass 100RCC helps painters, surveyors, construction supervisors, telecommunications contractors, and all types of service technicians present a more refined, professional impression, while the work-refined cargo space carries, protects and secures tools, parts, and other materials needed on the job. The height, angles, shape and style lines of the 100RCC are custom-designed to fit virtually every truck on the road today, making for a far more attractive combination when the pickup does family duty after work and on weekends. Included in the base price of the 100RCC is a gleaming high-gloss automotive basecoat/clearcoat painted finish mixed to formulas that match original truck colors. The Model 180CC, a raised roof version of the fiberglass commercial cap, and a full range of traditional aluminum commercial caps are also available from LEER. LEER is the only major cap and tonneaus manufacturer to offer Thule brand roof racks as factory-installed options. Thule offers a wide range of sport-specific transport gear, as well as accessories for general cargo. Thule is also launching a line of commercial-grade roof and ladder racks, under the name Thule Professional, also available through LEER. For more information www.LEER.com