FuelQuest, Inc., the leading on-demand software and services company for the downstream energy industry, announced the recipients of its 2007 Innovator Awards. The awards were distributed at GRAIL, an annual user's conference and training seminar for customers and partners of FuelQuest. GRAIL 2007 had approximately 100 companies represented and around 200 attendees including representatives from industry leaders in motor fuel retail, transportation, commodity trading and refiners. This year's Innovator Awards recognize organizations that have unselfishly contributed to the advancement and continued expansion of FuelQuest's industry standard supply chain and tax automation solutions. "The technology innovations made by these industry-leading award recipients benefit all of our customers and the downstream energy industry in general." said Rich Cilento, FuelQuest's President and CEO. "This award recognizes their efforts and we congratulate the recipients for their vision and understanding that one fully integrated technology platform benefits the entire industry. We are proud to partner and innovate with our Innovator Award customers." BNSF BNSF has been a driving force behind several product innovations for FuelQuest, including improving several technology solutions for the transportation industry. From product movements to pricing, BNSF has enhanced key components of FuelQuest's solution expanding these benefits to all customers, especially those moving beyond secondary distribution. Aventine Renewable Energy A client since 1999, industry leader Aventine Renewable Energy brings Biofuels to the forefront of FuelQuest's strategic vision. Long before their peers recognized the need for a comprehensive solution, Aventine automated the calculation, reporting and filing of its motor fuels excise taxes, which laid the foundation for its growth and expansion. Aventine's foresight continues to inspire FuelQuest to solve industry challenges in tax determination, a new focus on BioFuels producers and marketers can increase the global demand for alternative energy. 7-Eleven Not only does 7-Eleven lead the way in motor fuel retailing, but their strong commitment to the environment has led to enhancements in FuelQuest's Fuel Management System, environmental compliance module and service delivery. Specifically, 7-Eleven's efforts have led to enhancements within FuelQuest's storage tank compliance and alarm response capabilities, benefiting all of FuelQuest's customers by giving them the opportunity to be environmentally responsible.