WASHINGTON, D.C. --- Ford Motor Co. on Wednesday advised dealers to temporarily halt sales of some 2008 F-series Super Duty diesel pickups in order to remedy a problem related to the truck's tailpipe. Ford said it is recalling 37,400 F-Series Super Duty trucks with 6.4-liter diesel engines. A company spokesman told the Associated Press that the company had received three reports that flames had been spotted coming from the truck's tailpipe. The cause was believed to be leaking fuel igniting in the exhaust system's diesel particulate filter, located near the tailpipe. The majority of those 37,400 trucks are still on dealer lots. No injuries or vehicle fires are linked to the recall. The problem will be resolved with a software upgrade for the powertrain control module. That will power down the engine under higher than normal temperatures in the diesel particulate filter. Sales of the trucks are expected to resume in just a few days, the AP reported.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet