The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) released its initial results on a survey conducted on speed governor use. These initial findings are the first part of a yearlong initiative to analyze the potential safety impacts of speed governors on trucking operations, writes The report shows that for carrier respondents using truck speed governors, the average speed setting is 69 mph. ATRI stated that most carriers set the governors according to posted speed limits, but some allow variations on the setting depending on specific driver criteria, such as their rate of accident-free miles. Though the ATRI said that at this time there is too little data to make a strong statistical claim about the relationship between fleet size and governor use, important differences have been observed, states The average fleet size of carriers who use governors was 1,142 trucks, while the average size of carriers who do not use governors was 114 trucks. Also the median size fleet for governor users was 79 while the median size for non-users was 10. The report also says that 96 percent of carriers using governors use the standard OEM-installed governor.