Fleet lessor Wheels Inc. recently announced a major enhancement focused solely on transitioning new business to its FleetView online fleet management program, PR Newswire reports. Recognizing that a smooth transition is the foundation for a successful partnership, FleetView now features an interactive portal that provides all vested stakeholders with real-time access to every phase of the transition process. The site serves as a virtual workroom and includes the project plan, reminders of upcoming tasks, term definitions, sample documents and a communication workflow tool that enables communication review, edit and approvals via the secure portal. "We've learned that communication is one of the most critical factors to fleet transition success," says Norman Din, Wheels Vice President for Client Relations. "Client stakeholders include not only those directly involved in the process but also every employee that has a company vehicle. Providing relevant communications to each user - each of which can vary in terms of timing, tone, content, details and method - is crucial." Improved communication ensures that portal users maintain control throughout the transition process, Din told the PR Newswire. "In addition, the process becomes totally transparent to everyone involved, eliminating the potential for missing crucial transition steps and enabling appropriate accountability for all actions," he said.