Mobile Awareness (MA) recently announced the release of a new generation of Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) products geared toward commercial trucks, utility vehicles, RVs and trailers. The MA-TPMS series automatically and continuously monitors tire status, alerting the driver to abnormal conditions with an audible alert and LCD display indicator. This system warns of low and high-pressure levels and monitors hazardous tire temperature conditions. "There are many advantages to monitoring and maintaining properly inflated tires, the most important being the reduction of fatalities and injuries from tire related hazards," says Gary Rothstein, President of Mobile Awareness. "As we expand our offering of transportation safety products, tire monitoring will be a key part of our focus to prevent vehicle accidents." Based on the latest wireless sensor technology, the MA-TPMS series features tires that do not require removal and remounting during installation of the sensor. The valve-stem sensor transmitters are externally mounted which enables the air in the tire to be refilled directly through the built-in valve stem, without removing the device. The result is a low maintenance system that offers an estimated battery life of seven to 10 years. “By supervising your vehicle's tires, you will increase the life of each tire, reduce fuel consumption and provide unprecedented value in improved handling with ultimate safety," Rothstein says.