Porsche topped the list of the Luxury Institute’s 2007 Luxury Brand Status Index, an online survey of America's wealthiest consumers who rated luxury vehicles, Auto Remarketing reports. The institute recently released the top 13 luxury car nameplates, the scoring was based on vehicle attributes the survey highlighted that included power, style, excitement, value, elegance, trust and respect. The survey also delved into the owners' willingness to recommend the nameplate to someone else or which OEM they would choose for their next purchase. Luxury Institute officials said the survey gathered the opinions of more than 1,600 consumers who had an average annual income of $313,000 and average net worth of more than $3.3 million. Lexus and Mercedes finished in a tie for second place in the Luxury Institute rankings with a score of 7.87. Other nameplates that finished above the survey average were BMW, which had a score of 7.70, and Jaguar, which had a score of 7.21. 2007 Luxury Brand Status Index Nameplate, Score Porsche, 8.09 Lexus, 7.87 Mercedes, 7.87 BMW, 7.70 Jaguar, 7.21 Volvo, 7.04 Infiniti, 7.02 Audi, 6.77 Land Rover, 6.75 Acura, 6.73 Cadillac, 6.60 Lincoln, 6.33 Hyundai-Azera, 4.74