The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) disagrees with the remarks recently released by Mark Jacobson of Stanford University and published in the online edition of the journal Environmental Science & Technology, which says that ethanol may actually harm the environment. According to ACE, air quality has improved in every city, county, and state that has switched from straight gasoline use to ethanol blended fuel. Those are real world results, not predictions. Ethanol’s record as a clean air fuel is unmatched, ACE says, and the track record for the predictive models issued by ethanol opponents – especially with respect to California predictions – has been less than stellar. The Clearing the Air with Ethanol: A Review of the Real World Impact from Fuels Blended with Ethanol was published in March 2006 by Better Environmental Solutions and the Renewable Energy Action Project. This analysis shows that ethanol use reduced carbon monoxide and particulate matter emissions by at least one-third, according to ACE.