AAID Security Solutions, Inc. recently announced that they will provide hands-free asset protection with Ultra Long Range Metal Mount AA-T800 Tag for Vehicles and Assets. The AutoAccess AA-T800 Ultra Long Range Tags are designed for high value asset identification, real-time loss prevention, inventory management and tracking applications. They are specifically designed for operating while mounted on metallic surfaces, as well as plastic or fiberglass containing a high metallic content such as laptops and desktop computer systems, office machines, hospital equipment, telephones etc. The AA-T800 Asset Vehicle tags employ an anti-collision algorithm that allows multiple tags to be simultaneously identified by a single reader, allowing laptops and assets to be matched to individual employees, shipping pallets to specific merchandise, assets to “authorized” storage locations, specific vehicles or forklifts to drivers, etc. The standard TamperDetect feature can instantly detect and send an alarm that a tag has been removed from an asset. All AA-T800 Asset Tags contain the unique AutoLocate™ Feature, making them ideal for real-time inventory management by tracking assets as they move throughout a facility. Tags can be easily identified by discreet, range adjustable “fixed location” or “portable” hand-held readers from .5’- 300’ away and at speeds up to 300 MPH.