SmartDrive Systems Inc., of the driver risk management systems and services industry, recently announced the video and data results from crash testing in Las Vegas as part of the ARC/SCI 2007 convention. SmartDrive installed cameras in six of the crashed vehicles and obtained important crash data, including video of both the driver and of the driver’s point of view. The crashes Smart Drive recorded included a head-on collision at a speed of more than 40 miles per hour. The SmartDrive units not only recorded video, but also speed and g-force readings of each crash. To see the video of the crashes, click here to download the video file that includes a summary of the crashes and the raw crash video. SmartDrive’s service offers unique hardware and software solutions that capture onboard video events of problematic driving incidents. SmartDrive then organizes the management, professional review and driver retraining and improvement from these incidents through a managed Web-based portal service accessible anywhere/anytime by fleet managers, risk managers, safety managers, and company executives.