This July McDonald’s UK has started using its own recycled cooking oil to fuel its British delivery fleet, according to Reuters. By next year, all 155 delivery trucks will be running on biodiesel made of used cooking oil collected from the 1,200 restaurant locations in Britain. Matthew Howe, Senior Vice President of McDonald’s UK, says only healthy oils will be used in the fuel. Just this April, in an effort to stop using hydrogenated fats, the company switched to frying food in a mixture of high oleic UK rapeseed oil and sunflower oil from Spain. The biodiesel will initially be made up of 85 percent used cooking oil and 15 percent pure rapeseed oil. Last year McDonald’s used six million liters of diesel to fuel its delivery trucks. The company claims they will be able to save 1,675 tons of carbon per year by using this fuel instead, Reuters reports.