DaimlerChrysler Fleet Operations recently announced a new recall application has launched to fleet.chrysler.com allowing fleet accounts to complete an inquiry on any open recalls and service actions on vehicles in their Fleet. The application will allow Fleet customers to send an Excel Spreadsheet of VINs via the Web site and receive an emailed response for outstanding recalls and service actions. The application is easy to use and listed below are the instructions:
• Log on to www.fleet.chrysler.com
• Login with your user ID & Password
• Click on the "Commercial Fleet" Icon
• Click on "Manage your Fleet"
• Click on "Recall Inquiry” - Login (required)
• "Recall - Rapid Response Inquiry" screen is displayed
• Click on "Browse" and attach your Text file of VINs (click on "Click Here" for file format example)
• Insert your e-mail address and click on "Submit"