, the company that lets you transfer out of your vehicle lease early, offers the following tips to help people become smarter consumers when shopping for a vehicle lease: 1) Choose your own vehicle lease company – You don’t have to settle for the leasing company provided by the auto establishment. 2) Request a leasing company that accepts lease transfers. 3) Look before you sign. Break down the terms of the contract for better understanding, including everything from capitalized costs to estimated residual value. 4) Shop as if you’re buying a car. Negotiate all lease terms, including the price of the vehicle. 5) Ask for all rebate programs that apply to the vehicle and the leasing program. 6) You do not have to let auto establishments pressure you into losing the deal if you want to take time to think it over. 7) Have the auto establishment special order a vehicle with the exact features you’re looking for. 8) Get details on all remaining fees listed as “other.” 9) Learn the leasing language. Have the dealer explain early termination fees, early termination penalties and the transfer options. 10) Most importantly, you do not have to remain in your vehicle lease for the life of the contract. Transfer your lease to someone else when your vehicle needs change.