Arsenault Associates recently released version 4.4 of its Dossier fleet maintenance management software. Dossier is the flagship software product from Arsenault, a provider of intuitive maintenance management solutions. Dossier 4.4 offers a number of updates and upgrades, including a new invoice data import feature. It also features the latest revisions and updates for VMRS (Vehicle Maintenance Recording Standards), the industry paradigm for tracking equipment and maintenance information. Invoice data import, a new optional feature that enables Dossier software users to import outside maintenance vendor’s invoices and repair orders directly into the program, eliminates manual data entry while increasing data accuracy. Invoice Data Import benefits any fleet that uses one or more outside vendors for repairs and fleets that use third party contract maintenance services. Vendors can send their invoices in data files by email that can be imported directly into Dossier providing a history of each transaction. This data import also updates vehicle mileage readings, parts and labor costs and cost per mile, and records and updates PM services schedules automatically. Users can produce repair order histories, PM schedules and many other summary reports on the work performed.