A diesel engine added about $1,000 to the roughly $50,000 sticker price of a new 2005 Mercedes E320 CDI sedan. According to Automotive News, in 2007 the same model is going for $2,500 more at wholesale auctions than the gasoline-powered engine on the same model, the Black Book used-vehicle price guide reports. The Power Information Network estimates that U.S. consumers will buy more than 500,000 vehicles with diesel engines this year. The network predicts that figure will more than double by 2011. Except for a few thousand Mercedes cars and Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs, all diesels sold as new in the United States this year will be in heavy-duty pickups. Automotive News reports that of six 2005 models reviewed by Black Book, five showed increases in the value of their diesel engines in the used-car market. The sixth, the 2005 Jeep Liberty, has a diesel engine valued at $2,200 – 82 percent of its original sticker price, Black Book says.