Nissan is making enhancements to its vehicle technology in an attempt to help prevent accidents. According to the Associated Press, Nissan will introduce cars, first in Japan then in the U.S., with a gas pedal that lifts at the possibility of a collision, as well as technology to correct a car if it begins to swerve out of its lane. The lifting gas pedal will be available next year in the U.S. It works with sensors that calculate the car’s speed and its distance to another vehicle, and then alerts the driver if a collision may occur. If the driver takes his or her foot off of the accelerator to heed the warning, the car will automatically stop; if the foot remains on the accelerator, the car will keep going. Nissan will also be releasing cars in Japan with bumper sensors that slightly lift the engine hood when a pedestrian is hit, in order to soften the impact. The company is experimenting with systems to prevent drunk driving, such as sensors that measure alcohol levels in a driver’s sweat and recognition of drifting between lanes.