@Road, a Trimble Company and provider of end-to-end solutions for Mobile Resource Management (MRM), recently announced that it has integrated @Road GPS location technology and new street-level mapping capabilities into its Taskforce 7.5 Field Service Management solution. This integration allows automated field service work allocation and dispatch decisions to utilize real-time location of mobile workers as well as their technical expertise and availability. The new GPS and mapping capabilities enable Taskforce users to improve task allocation and exception management, leading to more efficient field operations, improved service delivery and better customer service. Using an @Road-generated GPS feed along with street-level mapping technology, Taskforce 7.5 users can see the real-time location of vehicles, workers, tasks, customer sites and other landmarks on live maps within the Taskforce product. This information can allow dispatchers to quickly find and allocate the nearest resource to an urgent task, evaluate routes to improve efficiency, identify the closest locations for stock replenishment and track traveled paths to identify opportunities for time and fuel savings. Users can also filter mapping displays by resource or task to see only the information needed to make a scheduling decision.