ALK Technologies released ALK|FleetSuite 21, the newly updated suite of fleet management technologies is the leading developer of routing, mileage and mapping software, including their flagship product PC*MILER, the industry standard. ALK|FleetSuite 21 employs the mapping data of PC*MILER 21 to provide critical visibility and control of fleet operations, including turn-by-turn directions for drivers, fleet location displays for managers, and arrival time notification for customers all with pinpoint precision. Using ALK|FleetSuite Directions drivers can generate automated turn-by-turn driving directions in real-time to their final destination. These directions can be transmitted with varying degrees of detail to conserve bandwidth and minimize messaging costs. While a truck is en route, ALK|FleetSuite Estimated Time of Arrival/Out of Route, (ETA/OoR) can issue an alert when a truck deviates by a user-defined degree from the assigned route. Similarly, ALK|FleetSuite ETA/OoR can maintain an ongoing estimate of a truck's arrival time at a specific destination and generate a revised ETA as conditions change.